Have you struggled with poor vision all your life? Do you have trouble engaging in sporting activities like swimming? Is your situation so poor that you have even wondered at some point about laser eye surgery?

Most people who wear glasses would likely be saying ‘yes’ to at least one of the above. If you are among these people, then allow me to tell you this: Almost anyone who tries, can in fact improve their vision using all-natural eye exercises to improve eyesight that do not involve LASIK eye procedures. You’re forgiven for being a little skeptical, but as soon as you start on a program of natural visual enhancement, you’ll soon realize the benefits.

Firstly what needs to happen is you need to put your glasses away. Have you ever wondered why you need to keep on getting lenses with higher grades every time you visit your optometrist, when in fact your eyesight should be improving through time.

The shocking truth is that lenses instead of making your vision improved over time, actually cause it to deteriorate. These are supposed to be temporary fixes, not long-term ones. At first, you may be able to see clearly through the use of eyeglasses, nonetheless almost everyone who wears glasses comes to notice after even a short period of time (as little as a few days!) that they can no longer get by without their glasses. As opposed to repairing your eyes, they make them worse than they were before.

Glasses can contribute to tension in the muscles inside and outside the eyes. This is known to lead to poor vision. You can use special tactics that are designed to control the level of tension in your eyes. As you use these tactics over time, you’ll find yourself needing your glasses less and less.

One Powerful Eye Exercise You Can Start Using Today – Palming

This exercise of palming may seem incredibly simple, but when used on a regular basis, can bring some excellent results to the improvement of your eyesight. The method of palming does not require the use of any special instruments. By simply using your hands, you can unwind the tension in your eyes and repair damaged vision.

Your eyes are a very mobile organ. They move all the time, even when you are not awake. The movement of your eyes cannot be arrested entirely. The aim here with palming is to impede their motion as much as possible through unwinding relxation. Depending on how proficient you are at palming, you can achieve this in just a few seconds, or it may take you up to 20 minutes at first.

The removal of trivial thought processes is an important first step. Since the eye is so intricately related to the brain, lots of thoughts in your brain mean lots of movements of the eyes. To help you in this, dim the lights in the room or close the curtains, and make sure you can’t be disturbed (locking the door and turning your phone off helps).

Rub your hands together so that they become warm, then cup a palm over your eyes, making sure that you are not directly touching your eyelids or putting pressure on them. In this position, start feeling all your muscles relax. Now relax your facial muscles, your head, neck, chest, abdoman, arms and legs – every part of you. You will notice that the more relaxed you become, the darker the blackness that you see. As you learn to relax more and more over time, you wll be able to see darker and darker shades of black.

Initially it will take you some time – up to 20 minutes to achieve a deep sense of relaxation. Over time you will be able to achieve this MUCH quicker, until your eyes are always in a state of relaxation, and your vision will thereby improve. To learn more, click the link: William Bates Method eye exercises.